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What I Offer

Executive-level marketing and communications consulting to guide your organization through challenges or help you maximize new opportunities

“Mary Beth is a fantastic communicator on corporate and business affair matters. … I worked directly with her on a number of high-profile, high-intensity matters in which she directed our written and social media content and delivery.”

What challenge is your organization facing?

Do you need to…

  • Achieve clarity around your brand or messaging?
  • Shift the market’s perception of your product or service?
  • Enter a new market? Launch a new product?
  • Build a from-scratch marketing function?
  • Research your customers’ motivations?
  • Integrate an acquired business into your culture?

I love to create clarity out of chaos and help organizations market their unique story to achieve business goals and drive revenue.

Free Initial Consultation

Not sure exactly what you need? Let’s talk through your requirements. I’ll propose how we can work together as well as provide a cost estimate and timeline.

“Mary Beth has the ability to very quickly assess a situation, cut through the static, and make a decision that gets everyone moving forward.”

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Mary Beth Mohn, MBA
Marketing & Communications Consulting

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